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Inspiring Change Beijing

Fly higher with coaching from Motivate International.

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Money and Finance Coaches

Money and Finance Coaches Beijing

Money and Finance Coaches that will steer you in the right direction.

Health and Fitness Coaches

Health and Fitness Coaches Beijing

Health and Fitness Coaches supporting your improved wellbeing.

Relationship Coaches

Relationship Coaches Beijing

Relationship Coaches to help you and your partner live a happier life.

Business Coaches

Business Coaches Beijing

Business Coaches guiding you to greater success.

Career Coaches

Career Coaches Beijing

Career Coaches helping you plan your business life.

Life Coaches

Life Coaches Beijing

Life Coaches to ignite your life's passion.

Accreditations Highly skilled and qualified.

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About us

Motivate International is a group of passionate coaches bringing quality life change for an exclusive clientele.

    34 South Yili road, Minhang district,
    lane 1th, room 202, Shanghai, China

4 Fisher Street, East Brisbane, QLD, Australia

5/146 Queens Rd, Hermit Park, QLD, Australia